Announcement concerning Corona virus

The Duch government has taken drastic meaures in the fight against the corona virus. Something that we understand, but that also hits us very hard. Following the example of many other inventive entrepreneurs, we looked for alternative methods to get our products to our customers in a safe and responsible manner. This resulted in the following:

Our shop is openend 
The restaurant is closed, but our shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 12:00 and 18:00. Only on Tuesday our shop opens at 15.00. We sell sushi, fresh frozen fish products and various drinks on our website. These can be picked up in IJmuiden. To do this safely we ask you to:

  1. Place your order online at:
  2. Pay your order with the IDEAL payment method
  3. We make sure your order is ready for you in IJmuiden at the chosen pick-up time.
  4. Wait in the car and call us to provide your order number. We will bring the order to your car.

The national government has indicated that take-out orders are permitted. See link. However, to ensure the health of our customers, we ask you to wait in the car until we bring you your order.

For other questions, please contact us via or 06-13146246.

Yours sincerely, 
Hokkai kitchen Team